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In the previous article, connected with income of the text translation, I examined general characteristics of this kind of work and all factors relating to it. Today I am going to tell you specifically about freelance exchanges. Thanks to such freelance platforms the beginners and people, who already have done text translation, can find a work.

What is the reason of freelance exchanges necessity?биржи фриланса

This kind of work implies that you will look for the work independently. Sometimes a man does not know where he can begin to make money with text translations. Because of it there are a lot of freelance exchanges for beginners and experienced workers. In these websites a translator will choose a work and an employment can find a man who will do necessary task for him.
Income of the text translations has its risks as any other freelance activity. The probability to run into frauds, in particular, takes place here. So, if it happens with you then you will do your work without any payment. Therefore when you begin to translate or write texts it better to look for a work in freelance exchanges (for example freelance exchanges to beginners).

We begin to work in freelance exchanges

You should pass the registration if you have decided to translate different texts in such websites. Then you need to fill your profile where you say about your skills, experience of work. Do you have a portfolio with previous tasks? It is very good. In this case you download your portfolio in the profile and the future employment will see the examples of your work and find out if you can do his task well.

When you have done all these things you can begin to look through the list of tasks which are presented in the freelance exchange. After finding a work that is satisfactory and you want to do it, you apply for the opportunity of doing this task. An employment chooses among people who have suggested their candidatures. And if he gives a work to you then do the translation. When the translation is ready you send a text to your employment. He checks the work and after that pay the money. Well, there is not any complexities just work hard and do all your work right.

Freelance exchanges for beginners

I would like to tell separately about freelance exchanges where people begin to translate different texts and find their first work. The thing is such websites may be with paid or free registration. It is set out for a reason. If you are beginner and suddenly you decide that this work is not for you then you just stop to do it. In this case free freelance exchanges will be a good variant for you. But what if you have some experience of work in this sphere? So, then you register in the website where payment is necessary. Thus, an employment can find out the level of professionalism of workers according to the website. It should be marked that in the paid freelance exchanges the prices for the tasks are higher than in the free websites. And even if you choose a paid freelance exchange you will easily get the sum which you have spent for the registration.

биржи фриланса для новичков

Kwork – freelance exchange

I will give you the examples of freelance exchanges where the beginners can make money.

The first variant is Kwork. This website has a free process of registration and it is very important for the beginners. You can find there the kinds of work which are already familiar for people who work in freelance exchanges: design, marketing, SEO, different type of work with a text, development, work with audio and video.

Now, I am going to tell a few words about income in this freelance exchange. The price of an ordinary task is 500 rub. If the volume and complexity of the work is not higher than in the ordinary one, then an employment has an opportunity to buy additional options. Thanks to such system of payment an employment buys some services with fixed price. An employment may evaluate your work and give a comment when his task is done. There is a function when you can see how much time a freelancer spends for one task, the quantity of the tasks and how much of them are in the queue.

Freelance exchange Kwork provides you the guarantees of return and charging of funds for both sides. I will explain it: an employment pays for the service but the funds are not immediately charged on the worker’s account. A worker will get income only after the end of work. The wallet of the website works with all banks and electronic payment systems: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi. You can also use your mobile phone or cash through the cellphone store. A worker will withdraw money through the wallets WebMoney and Qiwi.

Moguza – freelance exchange

This website provides a row of different services among them the work with texts. All kinds of tasks: promotion in social networks, an advertisement, a work with audio and video materials, graphic work (there are banners, logos, flyers etc.), translations, copywriting, programming, training and advice.

It is important that a worker establishes a price. After the registration you create your own “work” (it is a name for message, where you write what you can do). A possible employment will type a necessary request and will get a list of workers. Then he will choose who will do his task and discusses it with a worker in the chat of the website (discusses aspects are conditions, terms, payment). After work, an employment pays it if everything satisfies him. In comparison with Kwork Moguza is a paid freelance exchange. So, for the using this service a worker gives 20% from the income. As a result the net profit is 80%.

Freelance exchange Moguza is useful for beginners because they can establish price of their work independently. It will help to find a client and bribe him by a low cost of services. This work will also help to get a portfolio and then to do the tasks with a higher price. The characteristic feature of this freelance exchange is its universality. You can see there a lot of different suggestions.


So, today I have told you a practice side of the topic connected with income in text translations. Now beginners know that it is better to look for a work in the freelance exchanges without the risk to meet frauds. For people, having experience of this work, it is a good opportunity to find out something new about freelance exchange. I recommend you try this variant of getting income.

Good luck and high incomes

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