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Last time I told you how you can make money on the social network VK. Work with VK is not a hard variant of getting income. It is also quite useful for people who looking for an additional work. Today I am going to give you a similar scheme of getting income, it is work with YouTube. I think that many of the readers know about this platform but not many people imagine that YouTube helps to make money.

Work with YouTube: what is it?

Let’s begin with information about this platform. What is YouTube and how we can get income here?

YouTube is a video-hosting website where the users can watch the videos, show them to other users and keep the videos on the website account. You can download your video files on the platform, to give “like” or “dislike” for other videos and write comments. There are a lot of different videos on YouTube: films, their trailers, news, music videos. I should mention a special section of YouTube, it is a video blogs, slide show, etc.

Now I will speak about getting income with YouTube. Today it is one of the most popular ways of making money. Almost everyone has different gadgets with camera. This is a good opportunity to make your own videos and then download to the YouTube.

The most interesting question is, of course, a price of such kind of work. It can be quite big. Your income depends on your activity. For instance, if you become a videoblogger (an owner of personal channel on YouTube) and your videos will be popular, you can get about 100-500 USD a month.
A work of videoblogger needs persistence, skills and knowledge of this sphere. You can easier make money: views on YouTube, sale of goods on partner programs and so on.

Kinds of getting income with YouTube

There are many types of work. When you choose which one is suitable for you, you can follow your personal preferences or just think about price of the work.

I would like to begin with an interesting variant that will be suitable for creative people who like to speak at public (even if we imply online public). So, the first kind of making money with YouTube is creating of your own show.

Well, it is great if you prefer something like that. YouTube gives you an opportunity to create your web-show. You make a series of videos which have a common topic. It may be various trainings, educational videos, comedies. Today people often watch different reviews on films, games, books or many other things. The duration of the video should be up to 15 minutes. If you want to download a video that is longer you need to increase the limit.

By the way, you can get additional income with advertisement. There are several variants how to do it:

  • You place the link of the customer’s website in the description of the video. The advertisement should meet the topic of your video. This type of getting income is useful for the quite popular bloggers. You can also work in barter.
  • You place a contextual advertising Google Adsense in the video. The contextual advertising is a textual message which is shown at the bottom of the video for some time. If you have decided to use the contextual advertising you should create an account in Adsense (you give permission to showing such information). This kind of making money will be suitable for all types of personal channels on YouTube. It doesn’t matter what topic you have chosen. Your income will depend on the quantity of advertising views.
  • You can place a banner advertisement on your YouTube personal channel. A size of the advertisement is 300х250. A payment will be for a click on the advertising or for the each thousand of views. In this case you also need to have Adsense account. You can get income with any kind of personal channel.
  • And you can use advertisements before or after your own video. You will get income only if people watch 30 seconds of the advertisement. Such variant of making money with YouTube will be suitable for high-quality personal channels with good viewing depth.


There is another kind of getting income with YouTube. Monetization of video with YouTube partner program.

So, you have a perfect, interesting video then you can make money using your video and YouTube partner program. You just need to include your personal channel in program of monetization. You will get a part of YouTube income from the advertisement. By the way, you will take income for each thousand of views.

I should mark that YouTube will pay you not for the views and not for showing of advertisement. You will get your income for each click on the advertising. Average income for the thousand of views is 2 USD. An important criterion is topic of the videos.

And there is one more variant how you can make money with YouTube. It is selling of goods with partner program.

In this case you become an expert. You just should to recommend some goods. Commission from selling is your income. This way of making money with YouTube is quite popular and profitable. You increase your expert, the popularity of your personal channel becomes higher and you get income, of course.


YouTube is a place where you can spend your time with benefit and pleasure. Creating a video, maintaining your own channel is still a creative work, but it does not become less attractive. If you want to achieve the appropriate and expected result you need to work hard.

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