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In the previous article I told about freelance exchanges where not only beginners but even experienced workers can make money. Today I would like to tell you about foreign freelance exchanges. It is a so-called sky high in the income of text translations. I should warn you that it is a work for people who have perfectly mastered foreign languages. In other words the level of knowledge and skills is equal to the level which a native speaker possesses.

Income in the foreign freelance exchanges: brief information

At the present time Russian platforms are overcrowded. There are tens of thousands of tasks and for we have hundreds of thousands of freelancers. The competition is higher and more serious. So, this competition gets too intense. But do not worry. I can offer you a decision how to avoid all this mess and to get income. Foreign freelance exchanges will help you.

It goes without question that there is a huge difference between foreign freelance exchanges and Russian ones. And after all Russian freelance exchanges should learn something in this area. The foreign platforms for freelance began to appear rather earlier than the Russian exchanges. It is the reason why the work in foreign freelance exchanges is in demand. The foreign users know more about freelance exchanges, it is familiar for them, and they trust this kind of work.

One point is quite natural that a Russian user (he can be an author or a translator or an employment) has several questions connected with the work in the foreign freelance exchanges. For instance: what are the differences between foreign freelance exchanges and Russian ones? What platform is better for work? What is the income of an author or a translator in the foreign freelance exchanges?
Well, now I will answer these questions and then you will understand every point of the foreign freelance exchanges.

Advantages of the work in foreign freelance exchanges

зарубежные биржи фриланса

The main difference and an advantage of foreign freelance exchanges: high income. Inhabitants of Europe and America respect the work in foreign freelance exchanges, they do not think that freelance is worse and easier than other kind of work.

Another important criterion is the security of transactions (it warns workers and employments in foreign freelance exchange

s and Russian ones as well). Even in this work we have probability to face with frauds. Yes, Russian freelance exchanges have begun to take measures to make the transactions safer than before. However, we cannot forget about likelihood that something will be wrong. This issue is solved rather better in the foreign freelance exchanges. All the work is done in territory of the exchange.

One of the interesting facts connected with the work in foreign freelance exchanges is the way of hourly rate. It is unusual for Russian platforms. To find something like that in the Russian freelance exchanges is difficult. However, such tendency exists in the foreign platform. You get income for the time which you have spent during the work but not only for the done work. Well, I think this way has a lot of supporters who are sure that it is more convenient and earned.

And, of course, I should mention an important and pressing criterion – an opportunity to find more variants of work. This criterion helps freelance exchanges to be on the stage higher than Russian ones. But the point works for experienced specialist who well (or it is better to say) perfectly understand this sphere. Such worker should have plenty of good reviews and a perfect portfolio. It is possible for beginners though it will be more difficult.

Disadvantages of the work in foreign freelance exchanges

Even if income in foreign freelance exchanges looks attractive we should remember that everything has advantages and disadvantages as well. To know about all of them is important for work. Well, I am going to tell you about it.

Language barrier is the main problem in this sphere of work. You should have a high level of mastering of foreign language if you want to make money in the foreign freelance exchanges. When you go the process of registration and filling the profile you use only the foreign language. Vacancies are also provided in the foreign language. So, you should know how to write and to speak correctly. Perhaps, at the beginning your friends who know a foreign language can help you but then you will get complications and they are serious. Sometimes an employment wants to discuss with you peculiarities of doing the project through audio or video chat.

Now I’ll tell you about one point which I have mentioned earlier – a competition in foreign freelance exchanges. There are a lot of freelancers in the foreign platforms and they do different work. Here you can meet specialists of different spheres, from all countries and all of them look for a work. Even in such conditions of high competition the low level of income considerably exceeds the income in Russian freelance exchanges. And this point is very good.

The recommendations for the work in foreign freelance exchanges

When you begin to work in foreign freela

nce exchanges from the very beginning you should focus on more serious employments (for them the quality of work is the most important). Their price varies from 205 USD and higher. You should be confident in your practical skills.

Then I will say a few words about ways of payment in foreign freelance exchanges. There are may be some difficulties for Russian freelancers. The majority of Russian freelancers know about Yandex.Money or Webmoney. But foreign employments prefer to pay after the work through Payoneer, PayPal, on the worker’s card or in the bank account.

зарубежные биржи фриланса

Examples of foreign freelance exchanges

Now I will give you several examples of foreign platforms where you can find work. is the most popular among foreign freelance exchanges. The level of experience and skill are estimated with the help of various tests. I recommend taking these tests all people who begin to work in foreign freelance exchanges. Then your future employment will see in your profile the results of the tests.

Reputation and experience is necessary in this freelance exchange (like everywhere). The beginners should work for these criteria. The website has its own counter of hours worked. You get access to the more serious, highly paid projects only if you work well during first 100 hours in the low segment. But I give advice: do not take the cheapest work. Then you will ask me: why? Let’s find out the reason. It is necessary for your reputation and profile. You will agree with me that when you have a work for 5 USD you look not professional.

So, you work for 100 hours and confidence of employments will be high (I mean these employments which can give you a highly paid work). The maximum payment 50 USD in an hour. It is an income of experienced specialists.

Another foreign freelance exchange that deserves our attention is This platform is one of the biggest specialized exchanges for translators on the Internet. I am going to examine its advantages and disadvantages fluently.
The good points of this foreign freelance exchange: there are a plenty of work, reliable foreign employments, you can take free or paid trainings. And its disadvantages: you must confirm your knowledge with documents. By the way, you can take the best work only if you have a paid account.

And the last but not least is It is a foreign freelance exchange where you can find different work. The tasks are paid only in USD.

In conclusion

Taking stock I would like to pay your attention to one moment. The work in foreign freelance exchanges is suitable for experienced specialists with the high level of mastering foreign language. There are specific advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important advantages is high price for work. So, if you are confident in your skills, you know that you can speak and write perfectly in foreign language then I wish good luck in this work.

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