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Last time I have written a review on the American company “Amway” that stays one of the most popular companies in the world. Amway also has its branch in Russia and it works since March of 2005. Let’s remember the sphere of Amway work. It produces and sells different household products, domestic chemistry, hygienic kits, cosmetics and so on. Today I am going to show you and discuss the opinions on Amway. We will examine the judgements of people who have already bought the goods of Amway. I think many of us will agree with me that it is important to find out information about something before you will take it. Such approach helps you to make a decision: is this product useful and necessary for you or not? There will be unpleasant situation when you understand that some goods are useless and you have spent your money for nothing. By the way, it is important to examine opinions even if you not a customer but an Independent Business Owner (IBO). You see, to know everything about your work and products which you sell is the necessary feature of such activity.

The opinions on Amway and the opinions of clients

If you decide to read the opinions on Amway independently you will see an obvious situation. Amway is a quite popular company and, of course, it has a lot of rivals. So, a certain quantitative of opinions has been written by the rivals. You can find positive and negative opinions on Amway as well. All people are different. We all have our own views, opinions. Some of us like a product but the others don’t like it. So, the opinions on Amway also differ.

I would like to begin with the positive opinions which mark advantages of this company. You can open the first website connected with commentaries. There are several positive opinions on Amway at the beginning. The customers of the company pay attention to different features of the Amway goods.

  • Some customers appreciate ecological part of the goods, in other words, it is naturalness. Nowadays many of us prefer products which can be called “environmentally friendly product”. Of course, we can choose what we want but in many cases such products are called ecological only for the attraction of buyers.
  • Another criterion among the positive opinions on Amway is quality. All of us want to use qualitative and useful goods (without harm to our health). Some of Amway customers are sure that the products meet the requirements of quality. The opinions often have a detailed description of this criterion.
  • Sometimes the customers pay attention to one more advantage of the Amway products – savings. But I should mark that this point is rather controversial. The clients discuss this issue oftener than the others. On the one hand somebody is sure that it is quite profitable to buy Amway products and you do not overpay in the other shops. On the other hand another client says that you can buy such products in the ordinary shops. It will be cheaper and you will not lose in the point “quality” (you just overpay for the brand). So, you will make more suitable decision for you.


However, people write not only positive opinions on Amway. There is no only one judgement especially when we speak about products.

  • The first point is connected with the price. It is already mentioned in the positive opinions on Amway. You see, not all clients of this company believe that the goods deserve such costs. They say that Amway sells its products with very high price and the quality of goods is not equal in comparison with cost.
  • The other customers of Amway are concerned at the product composition (this point can be correlated with the quality of Amway products). Sometimes people don’t like components of the good. They say about a strange strong smell of cosmetic products and other goods.
  • Then we can see the negative opinions on Amway about imposing of unnecessary goods. It means that you visit the website of Amway to buy a shower gel or dish detergent. But you see a plenty of various advertisement of other products (and you do not want to buy them). It goes without saying that nobody likes such points.
  • Another kind of opinions on Amway looks like strange in comparison with the others. Some clients write that the company is a producer of qualitative products BUT as a whole they consider Amway as not quite reliable company. Such customers are sure that this company will collapse sooner or later like one of the pyramid schemes. Something makes these clients to doubt the reliability and they say it in their opinions on Amway.


Certainly, we all understand that it is important not to forget about your own opinion and to rely only on opinions of other people is wrong approach. Tastes differ.

The opinions on Amway: independent researches

Now, I am going to tell you about interesting kind of the opinions on Amway which you can easily find on the Internet. They are called independent researches. They study, of course, not only the products of Amway company. So, you can find information about goods which are interesting for you.

Such opinions on Amway are created with the help of different laboratories where experiments are conducted. It is more accurate research than an obvious opinion of a client. You can examine the results of these independent researches in the special websites.

I have read one of such articles. It is still an opinion on Amway, however, it has more serious reasons. And the opinions of such researches are not quite varios. An effectiveness of the Amway products has been never proved for 100%. Some products are really qualitative and good and they deserve such price. But some of the Amway products have a lot of praises for nothing.


Today I have examined opinions on Amway company and shown which criteria are often mentioned in such opinions. The clients of this company advise some goods or warn about disadvantages of the products. In conclusion, I mark once again: the opinions cannot replace your own opinion. Only when you do something you can find out about its usefulness and advantages.

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