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In the previous article I have told you about foreign freelance exchanges where you can find different kinds of distant work. This work implies such activities as writing of the texts, translation and so on. Today I will examine one variant of distant work. It calls copywriting.

People who have worked in this freelance sphere know what is it or they just could hear about copywriting. Even if you already have learnt about this direction of distant work, I am sure, that it will be useful to read this article and find out some new and interesting point about copywriting. It is also important for the beginners to learn about new kind of freelance work.

Freelance copywriting: the main information

I think that I shall begin with the question which can be answered by the newcomers and freelancers who do not know about it: so, who is a copywriter and what is his sphere of work?

According to the dictionary copywriter is a specialist, his work is connected with the creation of presentation and promotional texts. However, I am going to correct it because today such definition is not right. By the way, it sounds quite generalized, doesn’t it? If you want to work as a copywriter you should know that this sphere of freelance includes multidimensional activity which requires to have a broad outlook, multidisciplinary knowledges and, of course, skill in working with texts.

Besides, I want you to pay attention to one fact. It goes without sayings that a copywriter should know well grammar and to write good articles. But that’s not all. If you want to be a copywriter you should find out the sense of the topic that you have chosen. Then one more important point – it is necessary that your article is understandable not only for your employer but also for the people who will read this article. So, it means you will to get in touch with the readers.

The work of copywriter implies that if the text is good and useful the product or the service will be bought well. A good and experienced copywriter can create effective and interesting promotional texts which are approved by the employers and such texts attract the clients.
When you work in sphere of freelance copywriting, it means that you are one of the important specialists in creating of advisement and your work is equal to the work of designer of printing.

The activity of copywriter may be connected with the knowledge of foreign languages. In this case you can translate advertisements, slogans or adapt foreign advertisement for the using on the native market.

So, if you intend to get income in this sphere of freelance you should know that you need to have the life experience, the ability to understand the psychology of people and ability to see and understand a product or service from the perspective of a potential buyer. It is like you do it for yourself. In what way will you buy this product or the service?

By the way, I am sure that you see that being a copywriter implies a distant work and very rare it means being a member of one company stuff. Of course, such kind of work has the advantages: you have your own, suitable schedule, you work at the house without rush, nobody disturbs you.

The kinds of freelance copywriting

Again I speak about terminology because it will help us to understand every point which is connected with freelance copywriting. Copywriting is a sphere of freelance that united many people all over the world. A copywriter gets a quite good income (but do not forget that experience and the kind of work are the main criteria of income). Sometimes a worker becomes much demanded specialist in the sphere of freelance copywriting. Then he can get the main income from the copywriting. However I want to mark important point – something like that will happen only if you are hardworking and have some kind of luck.

Working as a freelance copywriter you write the articles according to the given topic. The structure and technique of the work will depend on the desires of the employer. There are three kinds of work in freelance copywriting:

  • Copywriting is the writing of unique articles according to the topic which is given by the employer (a description of a product, informational and selling texts).
  • SEO- copywriting is the creating of an article where you use key words.
  • Rewriting is an article which is written on the basis of the several other texts.

The sense of the work of copywriter and potential clients

There is one rule in the sphere of freelance copywriting – a worker should write articles only on the topic that he knows well. Only in this case the result will be dignified and the process of writing will be done in time. I should mention one fact that the periods of work can be different. One employer wants to get the work in several hours another can wait for several days or week. An employer sets the time for work as it is everywhere.
There are following points when a copywriter takes a work:

  • The topic of work and the requirements for processing
  • The price of work
  • The desirable volume of the text
  • The requirements which are connected with the text uniqueness
  • The period of work

As it is understandable from the passage above, you should give a completed work when it is necessary, the text must be written according to all requirements of the employer. The completed work is the work that is accepted by the employer. Only after that the copywriter gets money.
In addition, I am going to list the potential employer in the sphere of freelance copywriting:

  • The advertising agencies
  • The enterprises
  • The advertising and marketing departments of various companies
  • The experts in promotion of websites
  • The online stores

The cost of work of freelance copywriting

I think that when you begin to work in every new sphere you always have one and the same questions: how much can I get now? Then I tell will tell you briefly about an approximate income you can earn working as a copywriter. We all understand that the sums are not accurate and there are many different criteria for the setting the price of the work.

An experience of the worker is on the first place as well as his skills. If you become the lead copywriter your income will be from 400-500 till 1000 Rub for 1000 signs. It is quite tempting, isn’t it? So, we have some kind of ideal to which beginners should come.


Everything depends on the right approach to the work and the choosing of freelance exchange when you have decided to work in the sphere of freelance copywriting. If everything is done right and interesting this kind of working can be the main source of your income.

I repeat it once again that the work of copywriter is creating of texts. These texts should be simple and understandable for all readers. It is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of language (the choosing of language depends on the certain task: native or foreign) and good grammar. It will be useful if you are good in marketing.

And, of course, nobody has skills before he will begin to work. I can say it about freelance copywriting as well. It is an interesting and profitable activity that deserves attention.

Good luck and high incomes

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