Bitcoin income

Digital currency bitcoin became popular just a while ago. Now everyone knows about it. So how to make money with it? We are going to examine all kinds of bitcoin income.

Some information about Bitcoin

Bitcoin заработок

Bitcoin is a modern digital currency. As all cryptocurrencies it is based on the idea of blockchain (when all information about previous deals with Bitcoin is kept in blockchain). This cryptocurrency is characterized by high anonymity and opportunity to make Bitcoin by every man (for example mining is one of the kinds of income).

Bitcoin became popular rapidly. However it seems this cryptocurrency didn’t reach its peak yet. All news and thematic resources discuss this cryptocurrency. Even countries recognize it as an official form of currency. So our world changes and money changes with it.

It is difficult to predict bitcoin exchange rate. There are many factors which influence on it. But bitcoin continues to grow from its inception (bitcoin exchange rate is 1 BTC = 2500 USD by the middle of July 2017).

Kinds of income on bitcoin

Bitcoin заработок

So how to make money with it?

There are many sites which give Bitcoin for doing absolutely anything. These websites exist and make money with advertising. They are called bitcoin faucets. Many of them offer just to watch video or to type text from the captcha; the others are made in the form of simple and easy game. Bitcoin income on these projects is quite small but it is important to mention them.

There are some examples:,, and so on.

Now we are going to talk about more serious kind of income – mining. It became popular very fast and managed to raise prices of video cards throughout Russia. Mining is a process when new blocks are built in blockchain using power of computer. Miner gets commission for it in the form of Bitcoins. Some people make “farms” to get Bitcoins as faster and more as possible.

Besides, it is not necessary to use your own computer. This system develops and there are services which let to manage equipment remotely for a fee (this variant of working is called cloud mining). You can manage process or just buy an investment portfolio bringing its bitcoin income.

There are some examples:  Hashflare, Hashing24, GenesisMining and others.

Bitcoins became new digital money and brought quite specific kind of income. What is suitable for you?

If you don’t want to invest your funds then the best choice is bitcoin faucet. However income is not high in this case.

Mining is a high-income project and it becomes popular rapidly. But everything has its disadvantages. You can’t make money without start-up investment.

You can choose according your desires and opportunities.

Good luck and high incomes!

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