The beginning of work with AGAM

We figured out what is AGAM (Atlantic Global Asset Management) in the first article . So, if you read this article you decided to make money with the project. Let’s make out in detail the beginning of work with this website.

Начало работы с AGAM

First steps.

At first, you should do the easiest action – registration.

  • Click the button “Personal Office” in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Choose Russian language. Enter your real phone number and e-mail.
  • If ID of the agent is undefined enter P09201489736274
  • Now you get SMS with password on your number. You can log in with it in the personal account using the number as a login (username).

The registration is successful! Then you confirm your e-mail in your profile. It is necessary to fill most of the lines of the profile (name, address etc.), otherwise system will not permit you to add funds on account. We mark that it asks to verify your personality and address with photos of necessary documents. However you needn’t these operations to restock your account.

There are available payment systems: PerfectMoney, OKPay and ADVCashUSD and EURO are the general currencies.

Now, the main purpose to you is choosing investment portfolio (how much money do you need to put on the account depends on your investment portfolio).

Investment portfolios

Начало работы с AGAM

You give your money to the company, it invests them and gets income (all work of the company Atlantic Global Asset Management is based on these actions). The commission from income is taken and the rest sum is yours. The company created “investment portfolios” with fixed price of buying for clients’ convenience.

The minimal working time for investment portfolios is 365 days. Charging and withdrawal income passes every week on Friday. The withdrawal of funds takes some time from 3 till 6 days (so, have patience). We will not review the investment portfolio “Standart” (despite its high income) because there is only one payment in year in it.

You can combine the majority of portfolios (“White”, “Yellow”, and “Green”, “Blue и Red”) in portfolios of higher nominal to get better income. We collected all investment portfolios in the one table. All this information is valid on July 2017. You can always take a look if something changed in your personal account (tab “Home Page”):

Investment PortfolioCost of buying


Income for a weekIncome for a year
Blue2 43021.6%259.2%
Red7 29022.5%270%
Black21 87026%312%

You can see the principal investment portfolios in this table. Of course, there are also many portfolios – “Indigo”, “Vip”, but their cost becomes higher and higher (it may be even 5 000 000).

As you noticed, income of the investment portfolio grows with the cost of its buying. The sums even from very small portfolios impress. You should choose investment portfolio on the basis of the sum which you ready to give and do not afraid to lose.


Good luck and high incomes.

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5 лет назад

Это отличный сайт для заработка в интернете. Он полностью всё выплачивает, никогда не обманывает. Очень жаль, что у AGAM нет возможности выплат на платёжную систему QIWI или WebMoney. Также у них бывают задержки в выплатах в 1 день, а иногда чуть больше, но денюжки всё равно приходят)
Я доволен сайту. Также спасибо вам за небольшое ознакомление с заработком на данном сайте!

5 лет назад

Очень информативная и понятная статья для новичков компании AGAM. Сама делала первые шаги в компании опираясь на эти подсказки в статье. Система инвестирования очень легкая и прозрачная, как дополнительный заработок—хорошая вещь.

5 лет назад

Работаю с этой компанией уже пол года и всем доволен. Для меня инвестирование это оптимальный вариант бизнеса, так как у меня мало свободного времени, а компания AGAM позволяет зарабатывать практически без отрыва от основной работы.