Review on QW Lianora Swiss Consulting

QW Lianora Swiss Consulting – is another project by the creators of AGAM and Five Winds. Has Lianora any differences in comparison with early projects? Is it a pyramid scheme?

According to the information from the  official website Lianora Swiss Consulting is a European company. Lianora’s work is connected with consulting, investment and financial management.

The project also provide personal financial services, does market researches and analyses. Lianora advises other companies on the questions of merger and acquisition. What a wonderful company! It organizes trainings and offers investors to become its partners as well.

All these things seem very good; but before becoming a partner of the project it is necessary to reflect on this information. First of all, it is strange for a solid consulting company to need unknown partners, especially physical persons. The good expectations are ruined when we figure out who is the creator of this company; I’m going to tell about it now.

Обзор QW Lianora Swiss Consulting

Questra World and Lianora: spot the difference

You can easily understand that Lianora Swiss Consulting is mixed up in the scheme: initials in the name of the company are the reference to Questra World.

Questra was a notorious pyramid scheme along with another brainchild of its creators Atlantic Global Asset Management. The both projects collapsed (as it was expected), they stopped pay money at some point.

After that the heads of these projects decided to work further and created two similar investment projects – Lianora and Five Winds. All these projects were done without any efforts to hide a link between the websites. The schemes of work are identical. You can log in to a personal account of QW Lianora Swiss Consulting with your username and password that you have on the site of Questra.

The scam of Questra World is proven and there are no any doubts that Lianora is connected with Questra. Thus, our present guest isn’t the European consulting company. The real purpose of the project is the collection of money under the guise of fund-raising for investments and nothing more.

So what is the problem of people who wait that Lianora will pay money? The answer for this question is the famous Albert Einstein’s quote:

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

You should avoid QW Lianora Swiss Consulting and another similar project – Five Winds Asset Management. These companies were transferred (using the same username and password) from the companies Questra World and AGAM (there are many bad reviews about them on the Internet). However if you want thrill of lost money – you found what you searched!

Good luck and high income

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