Partner system of AGAM

We examined a general principle of AGAM work and a structure of all investment portfoliosHowever often people make real money not with invests but with a partner system – it is one of the most important aspect of many financial projects.

Referral system of AGAM

Партнерская система AGAM

As many projects, AGAM (Atlantic Global Asset Management) has its partner system with 9 levels. This partner system is assigned to the related project of AGAM  – Questra.

You can use the same login and password for Questra and AGAM personal accounts. There is all necessary information about your partner account in the tab “General”. You can find a name of your agent (a person who invited you) there, sales volume of your referrals, earned partner and bonus level.

Partner program of AGAM is quite unique, you will make money identically with referrals of any level (while income decreases with every level in many systems).

Career ladder

A percent from invests of referrals depends on your level in “career ladder”. You go to the next step when sales volume of your net (you and your referrals) reaches certain sum (for example, you need to make sales volume by 3 000 EUR for reaching 2 level and 25 000 EUR for 3 level).

It is important to consider that one of your agents can’t have more than 50% of sales volume.

When a level of silver agent is reached the bonuses begin to charge. Charging goes  in the own currency of the website QP, but exchange rate is 1 EURO = 1 QP.


NameSales volume, euroBonus, euroIncome
1 levelBeginnerIt is issued immediately –5%
2 levelBronze agent3 000 –7%
3 levelSilver agent25 000+1.0009%
4 levelGold agent50 000+2.00010,5%
5 levelPlatinum agent100 000+5.00012%
6 levelBronze director500 000+20.00013%
7 levelSilver director1 000 000+50.00014%
8 levelGold director3 000 000+150.00014,5%
9 levelPlatinum director10 000 000+500.00015%
10 levelManaging director30 000 000+700.00015%
11 levelSuper-director100 000 000+1.000.00015%

Calculation of income from referrals

Партнерская система AGAM

So, let’s consider one situation to understand better a scheme of calculation of interests from sales: you reached the third level of career ladder and two beginners and one bronze agent are your referrals.

All the sales of your structure were 10 000 EUR in month. Your own sales volume were 4 000, both beginners brought in sum 3000 EUR. Thus a share of bronze agent were 3 000 EUR. All these details are needed for accurate calculation money which you got.

Let’s begin our counting. You are at the third level then your interest of income is equivalent to 9%. We multiply this interest by your own sales volume and get the sum of your income.

4 000 * 9% = 360 euro

Then you should count income from the referrals. Their interests are calculated as subtraction of your interest of income and theirs.

So, two beginners brought 3 000. Their interest rate is 5%. We subtract from our interest theirs and got that we need multiply 3 000 by 4%.

3 000 * 4% = 120 euro

A difference with us for bronze agent is only 2%.

3 000 * 2% = 60 euro

As a result, we will get 360+120+60= 540 euro of income from the partner system in this hypothetical situation.

In this article we examined a principal of partner work of AGAM сompany and saw the accurate calculation of sum of income at the example. Now the most important thing – you need attract referrals! You should remember – do not make money on a lie. When you attract people you have to talk honestly that investment in AGAM is very risky.

If you adapted in this project we offer you to read about selection of the best system for  withdrawal money from AGAM.

Good luck and high incomes!

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