Is Pavel Krymov a swindler?

I have already written about a notorious company AGAM and other companies, mentioning that they have the same creators. So who are they? Who gets money from the swindled clients?

First of all, there is only one creator of the scheme. In this case, the definite man gets all funds from the pyramid schemes, like Mavrodi with his MMM. This person is Pavel Krymov.

He was Ukrainian sportsman but then he decided to have a business in the financial area. At first glance there isn’t something criminal in this idea but it was based on lie. Later he had to leave the country because of law enforcement attention.

Павел Крымов – мошенник?

The swindle network

The withdrawal of funds function becomes unavailable for clients of the companies immediately or after a while.

The network of the pyramid schemes stretches across the CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. However, according to the commentaries on the foreign websites the residents of other countries were also affected by these schemes.

Forex Trend is considered as the first project by Pavel Krymov, it was started in 2010. But his most famous pyramid schemes are PrivateFX, Solvena, AGAM, Questra World, QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA и Five Winds. Perhaps you heard about them or even took the bait.

He does anything for the promotion of his activity: usual for the Internet the fake commentaries and advertisement, and an acting job. These actors give false confidence that the real people work with a company. But this “play” is just a praising oneself and an ostentatious luxury life.

Krymov also did the interview for “Arguments and Facts”  and “Market Leader”). It doesn’t matter now whether these articles were bought or publishers did not figure out the issue. Then the articles appeared and they are more similar to the truth:

“The number of casualties by the Krymov’s pyramid schemes is growing”;

“Pavel Krymov is suspected in having dual citizenship”  etc.

Is reckoning ahead?

If there is a crime then there is a punishment. The Department of Internal Affairs in Almaty

that Pavel Krymov took 23 500 USD under false pretenses and got away (Facebook; September, 2017). He was charged under the article “Fraud in especially large quantity”. It should be noted that the victim was one of the members of the Krymov’s training. There were a lot more tricked people but the sums of money were less (or people thought before invest their money).

Nevertheless this occasion is quite noteworthy:

  1. Law enforcement payed attention to this creator of the pyramid schemes officially
  2. After that there is no doubt the work of these projects is the scam.

The group of enterprising people created a website against Krymov’s illegal actions – Numerous comments on the Internet is another evidence of real essence of the projects.

Pavel Krymov continues to create his pyramid schemes. Well, people trust, they don’t check where invest their money and it is silly to stop doing these projects. Pavel Krymov is genius in his own way; it is a talent to make so much money at the expense of other people in that quantity. We can stop a series of frauds if we enhance our financial literacy and improve our critical thinking.

Good luck and high incomes.

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