The work with Amway

So, I continue to tell you about interesting and forward-looking ways of getting income. Today I am going to talk about one variant of freelance activity. I’m sure that many of readers know about it – the work with Amway. This company is quite popular for many years. I think that a detailed review on this topic will be useful for them who look for the new ways of getting income.

The work with Amway: information about this company

The original name of the company is Amway and it means American Way of Life. You can work with Amway in many countries, including the Russian Federation, though this company has such name. Amway has its offices in Russia since March of 2005. This company produces and sales such goods as:

  • Hygienic kits;
  • Household chemicals;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Biologically active supplements;
  • Water filter;
  • Cutlery, stoves

And so on.

The company uses the technology of the direct selling. This way helps to provide a good selling and the promotion of Amway. There is also using of network marketing with multi-level compensation system.


Now we are going to discuss the products of the company Amway. You cannot buy it in ordinary shops or supermarkets, you will take it only through an Independent Business Owner or IBO. The work with the company Amway, primarily, means that the other people can get the products of Amway only with your help. The Independent Business Owners can buy the good of this company in the malls of Amway, in the retail outlets, using the website of Amway, to order by the phone and Fax or using you e-mail.

If you don’t work with Amway you also can have the products of this company. It will be possible if you register as the customer of IBO. The customers can order a delivery of goods through the Independent Business Owner. The company organizes a delivery of products of IBO. It is also responsible for the process of delivering.

But I suppose many of us will agree with me that it is more profitable when you are the Independent Business Owner and you get not only the goods of Amway but income as well. If you are a just a customer you cannot to create your own business and to invite your friend there. But at any time you have opportunity to begin to work with Amway as the Independent Business Owner.

The registration on the website for the work with Amway

Before you begin to work with Amway independently, I strongly recommend you to find a sponsor of information, in other words, it is a man who has already begun to work with Amway and can give you data about this company. For instance, the scheme of Amway work and what you should do as the beginner.

If you want to work with Amway you ought to conclude a contract with this company. You can choose a suitable variant for you: filling a form of contract which you will get from your sponsor or free online-registration on the website of Amway.


I would like to talk in more detail about the second variant (using online-registration). So, you write down your e-mail where the registration form will be sent. You fill this form with contact information and then you sent this form to the company website. The company checks your data and after that confirms your registration. They send a form of filled contract. You ought to sign up the contract and send it back to Amway. You also should give the company a copy of the first page of your passport (ID).
When the contract will be concluded and you will begin to work with Amway, the company will send you a registration number. You need to activate this number during 90 days. At the end of registration you buy a starting set of Amway products and only after that you are the Independent Business Owner.

The features of the work with Amway

If you maintain business activity with Amway and get stable income then you must to register with tax authorities as an individual entrepreneur or a legal person. You pay taxes and contributions according to the chosen variant of taxation.

Thus, you conclude the contract of paid services as an individual entrepreneur or Ltd with Amway Company. You ought to give Amway company the copies of documents which can confirm the status of individual entrepreneur or Ltd. Every month you will also give an act of acceptance of services rendered and invoices (it is for payer VAT).

However, there is another variant of work. Perhaps, you have doubts if the work with Amway is suitable and profitable for you. And it is difficult for you to begin individual business (to register as legal person). I have found the decision for you. You conclude another contract with the company of Amway. It will be the contract of paid rendering of services as an individual in the order established by the LLC Amway company. In this way the work with Amway gives you income but you lose a certain percent of money.

So, if you prefer this way then the taxes are paid by Amway company. But I should mark that this variant is available only for citizens of Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizia).

Then I am going to say a few words about payments IBO-individual under the agreement of paid rendering of services. 40.4% from the sum of accrued interest is held.

But you should understand that the work with Amway as individual is just a temporal moment before you begin your own business with this company and get income. So, then you need to register as an individual entrepreneur or Ltd.

And when you work with Amway, please, attention to the following features. An excellent customer service provides different bonuses depending on one important point – the volume of products that is bought by your registered customers (these customers you also consult).

Now I will tell you about the bonus of 8%. It is 8% from the sum of buying by your customers. They buy products with catalog price (minus 18% VAT) or it can be viewed as the difference between customer’s price and the price of Independent Business Owner without VAT).
There are several incentive program which are offered you when you work with Amway:

  • A discount for the first buying (its price should be 500 rub or more)
    This program available only for the IBO when they do the first order and have 50 personal points. In this case the points of registered customers are not taken into account. You can use this discount if you order the Amway products during 30 days from the moment when the contract has been registrated. The discount will be provided when you are placing an order.
  • Fast start
    This program can be used only by Independent Business Owner and it considers points of registered customers.
  • Active discounts
    Once again this program is for the IBO. The points of registered customers are considered with accumulation of this discount. If you decided to use the discount these points will not be taken into account. 
  • Promo-extension
    Program is available only for the Independent Business Owner.


Today you have learnt about a new way of income which includes quite serious steps such as needing to become an individual entrepreneur officially. So, you can get a good income and also you will buy the production of Amway company without intermediaries, because you are the Independent Business Owner. If you are interested in household side of this issue and in the opportunity active work with stable income then you should to try to work with Amway.


Good luck and high incomes

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