Trading with FXB

FXB broker has begun its work abroad but it has recently noticed a Russian sector. Unfortunately, the creators have not translated this website into Russian completely at the time of writing this article. However, I strongly believe that language issue is not a reason to miss an opportunity of making money.

Trading with FXB

The motto of the organization is “More Than a Broker”. It is true; the project has much to be proud of. There are an award “Broker of year 2018” and several incontrovertible advantages.

Let’s see them:

  • There is a focus not only on professional traders but on the beginners as well;
  • The project provides a guarantee of funds returning from a Financial commission;
  • There is an opportunity to compensate immediately a part of investments if you will not withdraw them during a certain period of time;
  • A platform has a wide choice of programs to attract clients with a generous remuneration.

Are you interested in it? Then we are going to examine every paragraph.


Caring for the beginners in investment

FXB is opened for the beginners in trading and I can say that it is one of the main directions of the project. So, there are a lot of free exclusive training materials on the website.

The following materials are available for the beginners on the market:

  • Webinars;
  • Guide for the beginners on the market Forex (in the format of e-book);
  • Video-lections;
  • Revealing of trading strategies and global economic indicators;
  • A vocabulary of terms, Forex calculator, etc.

As I have mentioned before, FXB is foreign company and webinars, videos and other training materials are available only in the English language. Nevertheless, the company plans to work with Russia and promises further to organize training in Russian. But we do not know certain time of this process.

A guarantee of funds returning

Even the most reliable companies may leave the market. It is a reason why all investors should ask one important question: what will happen with their funds if the organization collapses? Yes, investments are connected with risks and almost everywhere there is not returning of money. Though, an activity with investments is implemented at the State level in the largest financial institutions, in banks.

But you can avoid problems connected with returning money if you choose FXB. This project is a participant of the Financial commission. Financial commission is an insurance organization for the foreign brokers. This organization helps to resolve claims. FXB has got rating A. So, a guaranteed returning of your money reaches 20.000 USD if the Commission decides to provide compensation for you. But, you should remember that this sum is for only one claim.

If you click on a link you will see a certificate and additional information on the official website of the Financial commission. You can apply there.
Unfortunately, I have to note that the Financial commission is not a State organization. We cannot consider the Financial commission as a permanent assistance, risks still exist.

Peculiarities of work with FXB

FXB works only with three types of currency in the accounts: USD, EUR and GBP.
There are four types of trading accounts: Basic, Standard, VIP and Premium.

You can examine the features for all trading accounts:

  • Trading Platforms of MT4, MT5 and Webtrader are available for using;
  • The minimum sum of withdrawal of funds is 100 USD;
  • A support works on weekdays;
  • Transaction size is from 0,01 item till 40 items;
  • There is automatic trading and an opportunity of hedge using.

The main differences between trading accounts is the size of minimum deposit, leverage (from 1:500 till 1:100), a commission for an item, presence of signals and frequency of adding training lessons.

Trading with FXB1Trading with FXB2

As you can see these differences are important for the active traders but the functionality of the accounts is quite similar. That’s why I recommend for the beginners to open Basic trading account. If you get settled here and everything will be fine for you, you can open another type of account which is better.

An interesting opportunity is to open an Islamic account. The only one difference of this account is an absence of swap. The rest part of functionality is the same.

By the way, there are no problems with deposit and withdrawal of the account. A huge list of cooperating organization is available for traders. You can see it here.
The most popular variants are Perfect Money, Webmoney and various debit cards.


I should say about an exciting action from FXB – returning of invested funds upon a request of a client. This service looks like a bank minimum balance. And it is represented in two variations:

The first variant. You immediately take 6% from the remaining funds on the balance when you apply. You can withdraw these funds. But what is the reason for such generosity? Your request is like a promise that you will work with this balance in the account. This balance is reserved for 12 months and you cannot withdraw the funds from it. You will take everything that is earned above this sum.

The second variant. There are not many differences between these variants. They offer you not to withdraw the funds during 6 months but an assessment will be only 2, 5 percent.

At first, you can think that it is quite little dividends. But is it true? Perhaps, you will find a deposit in a bank with better percent but if you choose FRX you will have a distinct advantage. The percent will be paid at once and you can use your invested funds for trading.

So, it is obvious that this action has its advantages and disadvantages. I recommend you to apply only if you have already worked with FXB and you have decided to do it further during six months of a year. Everyone should decide: is the service is profitable for him or not? The reasons will depend on your plans.

Phased registration

Are you interested in working with this project? Then we examine all together how to begin to work with FXB.

The first step
You go to the website Then you click on “Open an account” or “Personal account”. So, you are on the web page for the log in the personal account. You should choose “Open the live account”.

Trading with FXB3

The second step
The registration has three phases. First of all you enter name, surname, e-mail and phone number. You should put down your date of birth.
You will also write down your annual income in USD.
If somebody has invited you in this project do not forget to put down its referral link.

Trading with FXB4

The third step
Now you write down contact information (your address: street, house, apartment), city, country of residence, country of your citizenship and zip code.

Trading with FXB5

The fourth step
The next step is to indicate the type of your trading account (we have examined them above), trading platform and a currency for transaction implementation.

Trading with FXB6

The fifth step
You will receive the letter to your email address with a password for log in. You use the data and it will be better if you change your password in the section of settings.

I recommend you to pay attention to one moment. You should verify yourself, in other words to prove that you are a real person. It needs to the full activation of your account. So, you have to send a scan of identity certificate (for example a driver’s license) and confirming of address (a lease, bank statement, etc). All these things you will send in the setting of your account.


I think it is quite easy, isn’t it? I hope this article is useful for you and now you want to work with FXB project.

Good luck and high incomes.

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